Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao is an anime written by Takao Yoshioka and directed by Takashi Watanabe. This is a fantasy anime with some comedy and action elements mixed up. The screenplay feels so good. And the background music is quite enjoyable as well. The main plot of this anime is a question of a teenage kid who wants to change his fate of becoming a Demon King. This anime has got some ecchi and harem elements as well.

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Demon King Daimao

The screenplay starts with a child crying in his/her mother’s arms. It was raining so heavily. She dropped the child safely in front of a church, prayed and left him behind. It looks like she was obliged to take such a decision. She claimed that it was for the child’s safety. A few years later. Sai Akuto, our hero came to a new city for his higher studies. He had an ambition. He wanted to become a High Priest, the head of the magical world. He wanted to make the world a better place. He saw an old lady carrying heavy bags with her. He offered to help her. She was waiting for her grand daughter in a railway station. But Hattori Junko, the grand daughter misinterpreted the scenario and attacked him. However, after knowing the truth she apologised and things went smoothly later on.


It seems both of them were going to the same place – constant Magick Academy. She was a first class student already in that academy and he was a transfer student. However, their journey made their friendship grow better. She made a promise to him that she would help him with his duties. Things kinda seem going smoothly. Sai was waiting along with other transfer students for some formalities. Yagatarasu, the school’s oracular spirit can foresee a student’s future occupation. They say that it is one hundred percent always correct. And it’s our hero’s turn next. It foresaw his future occupation and announced that he will become a “Demon King”. All the students were afraid. The news spread all over the academy like a wild fire. And that’s when things kinda start to get more interesting.

He ended up in Hattori’s class – 1A. She began to act differently to him after knowing his future. She started to ignore him. The whole class was against him. They misinterpreted every single move he took to prove his innocence, except one – Hiroshi Miwa. He admired him. He even nominated Sai as the new class representative. Eventhough Sai was not interested in that. Hattori challenged him for a duel. She lost very badly. The whole classroom became a mess after Sai’s one move. It seems our hero didn’t have complete control over the powers he posses.


Our hero then goes to the girl’s dorm to apologise to her for what he has done. However, she didn’t give a damn about what he said. She tried to attack him again. A portal opened out of nowhere and a girl came from there and protected him. He didn’t have a clue of what the hell is going on around him. His powers again unlocked itself and this time it was severe than before. The intensity of his powers terrified everyone.

The progress of the anime, Demon King Daimao might be about how he manages to change his future or might be about how he ends up as the Demon King. The plot of this anime seems different and the story line is definite and clean. The comedy elements mixed with the screenplay make it even better. However, if you’re looking for some super cool fantasy anime, this one (Demon King Daimao) is strongly recommended.

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