Death Note

The following article is our review for an anime. We’ve reviewed Death Note.


Written by Tsugumi Ohba
Illustrated by Takeshi Obata
Published by Shueisha



Directed by Tetsurō Araki
Written by Toshiki Inoue
Music by Yoshihisa Hirano
Hideki Taniuchi


Note: The following article contains spoilers. Hence read it at your own risk.

Arguably the best anime of all time,Death Note is phenomenal. The art is vile and dark which suits the wicked story line.Especially the art style in creating L really suits the character and also Ryuk and  The opening and end tracks are good. The sound track s are strong and literally epic. The notable ones being Kyrie theme and L’s theme.

Despite being a short anime the screen presence each character is beyond par. The character development of each character is well planned, leaving no loop holes in the anime. Th portrayal of L is evident enough for the above statement. The entire character L is lovable. Not to leave out Light. Despite being a villain he is not detestable at all. But I felt Mello a bit annoying personally. The dialogues are vile and thoughtful.

The screenplay is incredible. Perfect score there! L inferring the location,age and the traits of an unknown killer out of thin air was exceptional. And of course L introducing himself to Light Yagami was nail-biting. Built strongly around two people and the protagonist and the antagonists already known screenplay is the only plac the writer culd have shown his strength. Using this big weakness as an advantae is unheard.

The plot is intense,let’s be honest. As mentioned above the protagonist and the villain are already known but still it actually has helped the writer. Aghast yet intriguing, the story is crazy good. But I believe that the second arc is unnecessary. Once L dies everything is clear.

If not for the second arc Death Note is certainly the best anime of all time. Being sapiosexual, I should agree that L attracted me a lot more than Light despite Light winning. I loved it because of all the edge of the seat moments in the anime. A big winner for sure.

Zeno rating-4/5


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