OMG !? Death Note 2 ?? Really…??

Death Note is one of the most popular TV anime series of all time. And there are many rumors going on about the Death Note 2. But till date, no such official news has been revealed about the sequel of the anime series.

Note: This article may contain some spoilers. This is your only warning, so read at your own risk. This article is completely based on my thought. So, if you are not satisfied with this article, of course you are highly encouraged to share your point of view via comments.

If you have neither seen nor read Death Note, then please go watch it as soon as possible. Also make sure to come back again. To make it simple, let me say this. It’s a once in a century must watch anime. Although if you have not seen it, I guess you must have known this much about it least, if you are an anime freak or something like that. We all have to admit this point at least.

Now then, just imagine. What will be your reaction if you come to know of news that Death Note 2nd season is arriving?


Basically, my reaction would be… Wait.. Yes, my reaction…?!? Sorry for this. However, really I don’t have any words to describe it. Yeah.. Ofcourse it would be awesome. Okay, now lets talk about how our expectations would be for the Death Note 2nd season. Ofcourse we will expect it to be far more awesome than Death Note itself. Yeah, that’s obvious.

But if you ask me whether you want death note 2 or not , I would say straight on that I don’t need one. Yeah.. Just try to get my point. Death Note is a great anime. What I am trying to say is, I doubt that even the one who wrote Death Note could make its second part so great as the first one itself.

Death Note is such a masterpiece. So allow it to itself.

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