Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi is a cheap sweet candy available in Japan.The name of the anime itself suggests its theme. Yeah, the anime is all about dagashi (Candy). Well it also has a secret meaning. If pronounced as Daga Shikashi, it means “However”. I guess this might somehow be secretly related to the anime. The opening title song is decent with all its visuals. The background score is of interest to the subject. The posters also look more promising.

Now the earliest impressions of this anime. Kokonotsu Shikada is the protagonist who wants become a manga artist. But his father Yō constantly forces him to take over his position as a fine Dagashi shopkeeper. Suddenly appears an eccentric yet a cute girl Hotaru Shidare , in search of Yō-san. She wants him to come along with her to work for her family’s candy shop. So, they make a deal which quotes “If my son takes over my position and looks after my dagashi shop, I will go with you”. And that’s when things get more interesting.



Also there are a few other more important characters in this anime.The Endō twins – Tō and Saya. They own a cafe and they are really close with our hero. They nicknamed him as Coconuts which is a lot similar to his name, Kokonotsu.

The progression of the might be about how Hotaru-chan convinces our hero, I guess. Also this isn’t much of a slice of life kind of anime. However, for people who want to laugh out loud for hours I prescribe this anime. Just watch and laugh at your fullest.

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