COPPELION is a manga written and illustrated by Tomonori Inoue. This main plot of this manga was all about the escort missions taking place in a city – Tokyo which was ravished by the radioactive contamination caused by an accident at a nuclear power plant 20 years ago.

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The screenplay of the manga starts with a group of three highschool girls – Ibara, Aoi and Taeko trekking in search of an abandoned city, Tokyo. The radioactive contamination caused by an accident at a nuclear power plant 20 years ago in that city caused many deaths. However, scientists have created high level super humans who are genetically engineered to be resistant to radioactivity. They are called as the COPPELION.

They were in an escort mission. They were sent by the Vice Principal of their academy to escort the survivors living there. They suddenly saw a man, fully affected by the radiation, almost dead seeking for help. Ibara, our protagonist vaccinate him and saved his life. But it seems, those vaccines are just temporary life savers. The man who was saved sees her as an angel from the skies. They didn’t have any masks. They are COPPELIONs as well. And I guess stuffs gonna get more interesting while the story progresses.


The progress of the story might be about how they manage to save the people from the world’s greatest ghost town and what next. The artwork and screenplay feels so good. So, if you’re looking for some super cool sci-fi manga to kill your time, this one (COPPELION) might help you.

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