Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Yeah, as the name suggests this anime is based on fighting with some magic powers. The ones with such super human powers are named as Blazers. The protagonist Ikki Kurogane, nicknamed as the worst one belongs to a family who are great warriors. But unfortunately, our hero does not have any magical powers. So he was completely ignored, not only by his colleagues but also by his family. However, his sister’s love towards him made her hate her family itself. Also here comes our heroine, Stella Vermillion. She is the princess of the Vermillion Empire, an adept warrior also an A-ranked Blazer. Unlike our hero, she is extra ordinarily talented by birth. The meeting of Ikki and Stella is one of the most embarrassing first meetings ever in anime history. So, I rather not say (Spoiler).

So, the anime is all about how our hero, Ikki proves that hardwork can outstay natural talent. Also a cute love story between them, it seems. Well the storyline feels so good. The screenplay and the background score are pleasant. This anime has got some Ecchi comedies as well.

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