Blue Spring Ride (Manga)

Blue Spring Ride is a decent Shōjo manga. Futaba was hated by the girls of her class in Junior High as she was popular among the boys. She was an innocent and cute girl, but she hated all the boys except Tanaka Kou.

Genre                 –   Comedy-drama, Romance

Written by Io     –   Sakisaka

Published by      –   Shueisha

Demographic     –   Shōjo

Magazine            –   Bessatsu Margaret

Original run       –   13 January 2011 – 13 February 2015

Volumes              –   13

Due to an incident, Kou started to think that Futaba hated him as well. Later, Kou had to move away from town andso their relation ended. Now, in high school, Futaba puts up an image to fit in with the others. Soon, she meets Mabuchi Kou who had undergone changes not only in his name (Tanaka Kou) but also in his personality. So, what changes will this reunion bring in their lives?


Futaba is a clumsy and gluttonous girl with all the traits of a shojo heroine. The background story of Kou is revealed slowly which gives a lot of depth to his character. There is a lot of drama in the second half of the story. The stories of the side characters are more enjoyable than the main characters’. I felt that the story was dragged on with cliché’s and dramas which made the story annoying a lot of times.

The art is quite good. The panels per page are moderate. So, reading becomes enjoyable. There isn’t really a proper flow of the story. It has a few events and characters forced into the story to fill gaps.

I am not really fond of this story. The story has a great start but the ending flows in an unsatisfactory manner. Readers might enjoy the story initially though. This could be a choice of read for shojo fans.

Anime Zeno Rating: 7/10

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