Blue Spring Ride

The anime starts with a middle school girl, Futaba Yoshioka trying to escape from the rain. “The rain came out of no where”, said the boy, Kou Tanaka standing nearby her, getting away from the rain under a roof. He’s from the same school as that of her. She seems blushed all of a sudden. She’s in love.

Days passed, and one day he invited her for the summer festival. Of course yes, she accepted the invitation. Meanwhile, some naughty guys started to tease her by his name. She got mad and shouted.

She was waiting for hours for him in the summer festival. But he never showed up. The next day itself she came to know that he changed schools. She was completely upset. She thought it was her fault.



Day passed. Actually speaking, years passed. Now it’s 3 years already since that incident. Now she’s a high school girl. On one fine day, she saw him again. Now they are learning from the same high school. She always wants to relive those lovely moments. Nonetheless, everything went really bad. It seems both of them have quite changed, their characters, their friend circles, and stuffs like that.

So, the progress of the anime might be how they are able to get together (or maybe not), and what happens next. The main theme of the anime feels quite pleasant. And this anime is a recommended one.

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