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Written by Tite Kubo
Published by Shueisha


Directed by Noriyuki Abe
Music by Shirō Sagisu
Written by Masashi Sogo


Note: The following article contains spoilers. Hence read it at your own risk.

The art is ragged and sharp which goes well with the fast movements or frame shifts. The color composition is excellent and the detailing is par. The angle of display of characters is perfect, the best I’ve ever seen.

The music is incredible. The opening and end tracks are nice. The sound tracks are impressive moreover they were intense enough to break me down. The best ones were “Here to stay”,”Soundscape to ardor” and “Never meant to belong”.

The character development is a let down. With scope of development all over the plot the writer hasn’t really worked on the character development. The story line of Gin Ichimaru was good and his end should have been epic as it showed resemblances of another anime. But Gin wasn’t even showed much, with no screen presence his character failed to bring out the tears.The dialogues are so cool. Morally rich with epic timing and sync well with the story line and situations

The screen play is good with not many flaws despite the above mentioned mistake. The fights are epic and no complaints about the screen play. Well I don’t have anything else worth mentioning.

The story: Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school student who is able to see and feel ghosts whereas his sister is able to sense them but not see. One day a girl named Rukia Kuchiki appears in front of him out of nowhere and introduces herself as a soul reaper. She is curious to know how Ichigo, a human is able to see ghosts. The a hollow-monstrous lost soul attacks his sisters. Rukia fights it an is injured. the she gives her spirit power or Soul reaper powers to Ichigo and Ichigo kills the hollow,only for Rukia falling weak. But it is a crime to give your powers to a non-soul reaper, worth death. Now how does Ichigo save her? How is Ichigo able to see ghosts?

The main plot is good spoiled by the arcs within. They all have the same story with different characters. It has nothing to do with the main story line at all, much like a circle. I’ve heard and watched filler episodes but this one’s like watching filler arcs. Biggest drawback for Bleach.

Despite these errors I still believe that Bleach is still a must watch anime because of its richness as a mainstream anime. I loved the difference in characters of Kenpachi and Yachiru and of course their relationship. The relationship between Ichigo and his dad was beautiful too.

Zeno rating-3.25/5


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