‘ Bleach : Brave Souls ‘ mobile game launched…

Game Information :

Game Title Bleach: Brave Souls
Supported OS iOS, Android
Genre 3D Action
Price Free-to-play (in-app purchases available.

Official Trailer :

Game Play :

Create a Team and Enter the Fray

Hack and slash your way through exciting 3D battles.
Choose your favorite characters and build a team to suit your fighting style.

Relive the Bleach Story

Follow the story and re-enact the most memorable scenes from Bleach.

Epic Special Moves

You can’t talk about Bleach without thinking of all the amazing and spectacular techniques like Getsugatensho and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Choosing the right character and knowing when to use their signature moves is the key to beating the strongest opponents in Brave Souls.

Fierce Ranking Battles

Test your team against other players in weekly ranking battles. Your choice of team and tactics are vital. Study your opponent’s deck and formulate a winning strategy.

Screen Shots :

Now download and play in your iOS and Android devices… Really very sorry Windows Phone users..

Source via official Bleach Brave Souls website

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