Black Bird (Manga)

Black Bird is a Supernatural Reverse Harem manga written by Sakurakouji and Kanoko. Misao has the capability to see spirits and various creatures that others cannot. When she was a child, she used to play with a little boy named Kyo.

Demographic      –   Shojo

Genre                     –   Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Reverse

Harem, Smut

Authors                 –   Sakurakouji, Kanoko

Serialization         –   Betsucomi

Volumes                –   18

Chapters                –   84

Status                     –   Finished

Oneday, the boy had to leave the place and they never met each other again. Now Kyo is back and has a goal to achieve. Why did Kyo come back and what does his return mean to Misao?

The story revolves around the different trials Kyo and Misao face in their love life. It is a pure shojo manga with a handsome and perverted hero and a weak heroine. Misao is a crybaby and depends on Kyo a lot. I didn’t find Misao appealing. There are a few important characters that enter the story gradually. There isn’t much character development in the story.


The story seems sexist sometimes as the heroine cannot do anything by herself. And, there are quite a lot of mature scenes which I felt unnecessary for the plot sometimes. The characters are not interesting or amusing enough to stay with the reader for a long time. The story is a reverse harem type and it gets quite annoying once in a while. There is violence and nudity as well.

The art is good. Especially, Kyo and his friends are drawn beautifully. There are a few funny moments.

I didn’t particularly like the story as I felt that the characters were bland. But, I would recommend this story for readers who would like a romance with a few mature scenes. I wouldn’t recommend this story for readers who are uncomfortable with scenes of blood, nudity and torture.

Anime Zeno Rating: 6/10

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