Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an anime adaptation from a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It’s a dark fantasy kinda anime. The character designs looks great. The background scores suits with the screen play perfectly.

2000 years have passed already since the first Titan appeared in the world. Titans are super humans who are actually 10 – 50 ft tall with monstrous strength. They eat humans. All these years, humans were caged in like birds. Somehow, people of Shiganshina district were safe, thanks to the 50 meter tall wall protecting them from the Titans. It’s been 100 years already, since they were located in peace. However, some people hate that caged life they were given. Eren Yeager, our hero has got the same ideology as well. He wants to join in the Survey Corps and explore the world. Survey Corps are the people who go out into Titan territory to try to reclaim the land.

A lot of people join the Survey Corps and go on missions as well. But, they have not even a single step closer in defeating the Titans. Even knowing all these facts, Eren stills wants to join them with his childhood friend Armin Arlert. However, his mom and his sister are against that ideology.


And finally the day came, 600 ft tall Titan appeared out of nowhere. It managed to make a hole in the wall. Mankind started to remember the fear of oppression under them and the humiliation of being caged birds. Titan went on a rampage. A huge number of people were killed while some were eaten alive. The days of terror began again. The only thing that was remaining for mankind were prayers, screams and deaths.

That incident was quite terrible. But somehow our hero and his sister managed to escape, thanks to Hannes, a Stationed Army Corp. So, the progression of the anime might be how our hero manages to defeat the Titans, I guess. The anime has got a clear and definite plot. Some plot twists might be there, who knows. However, this anime is a recommended one.

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