Anime vs. Cartoons

A cartoon is a three-dimensional illustrated visual art. When it comes to Japan, they were the pioneers. But they called it anime. In recent years, not only in Japan, anime like ‘Naruto’, ‘One Piece’, ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Fairy Tail’ and many more have been quite famous all over the world, especially in United States, United Kingdom, India and many more countries. However, on the other hand non anime cartoons like ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Mickey Mouse’ and many more are quite popular as well. So, today let’s just get a little deeper into the topic.

Note: This article is completely based on my thought. So, if you are not pleased with this article, of course you are highly encouraged to share your point of view via comments.

First let me share some thoughts regarding non anime cartoons. When I speak about non anime cartoons, Disney cartoons are the first things that come to my mind. I actually remember my childhood days automatically when I talk about them. To be honest, I’ve admit this one thing. ‘Tom and Jerry’ made my childhood awesome. I can’t even think of a childhood without these super cool cartoon series. They made me laugh so louder that even the aunt from the next door used to shout at me. “Stop screaming, you idiot!” Oh man, those days were awesome. Nonetheless, now I’m a teenage kid. And now if you ask me to sit and watch these stuffs for like 6-8 hours a day, which I used to do back then actually, my answer will be “No, I can’t.” Yeah, really! Come on guys, it just feels so childish. Nevertheless, if you’re a teen and if you still watch ‘Mickey Mouse’, please forgive me for what I said.

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But now come to think of watching anime the same hours I mentioned earlier per day. I’ll be just like “Yo man! Give me the TV controller already.” Yeah, really! And I know that most of you who’re reading this article would do the same thing as well. Unless you are a ‘Mickey Mouse’ watching teenage guy (LOL). As I said earlier, cartoons made my childhood awesome. I’m not gonna deny that fact. At the same time, anime actually made my high school nights epic. And I know that most of you’ll share my view as well. If not, at least with that ‘high school night’ thing (ROFL), I guess.

To make it fairly simple, anime makes even the lamest thing like a man eating potato chips into an epic scene. If you’ve not watched Death Note yet, go watch it, come again and read it (laughter guaranteed). So, now let me conclude this article with a quote which I actually made it myself.

“I would say cartoons are the best, if English had a word ‘bestest’ which I would be using for referring anime most probably!”

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