Anime – Dub or Sub ??

This article is completely based on my thought. So , if you are not satisfied with this article , of course you are highly encouraged to share your point of view via comments.

Note : This article may contain some spoilers. This is your only warning , so read at your own risk. 

As we are here now , today’s topic is  “Anime – Dub vs. Sub”.  So ,  lets see which one is better. First of all let me tell you something , you don’t have to accept my point because obviously everybody has their own logics. But at least try to listen what I am trying to say. Also sub and dub mentioned in this article only refers to english language. Please don’t get offended if you actually watch anime in your own mother tongue. That’s great too.

As you all know speaking of anime , there are five kinds of anime lovers.

  1. The Lucky Ones : People who actually understands Japanese language. So they have nothing to worry about sub and dub stuffs.
  2. Subbed Anime lovers : People who love to watch anime in subbed version.
  3. Dubbed Anime lovers : People who love to watch anime in dubbed version.
  4. ‘Whatever’ Anime lovers : People who actually don’t give a shit about whether its a dubbed or subbed one. They just love anime and that’s it.
  5. Complex Anime lovers : Here comes my style. Talking about this kind of people , they actually love anime. They watch both sub and dub but not like the ‘Whatever’ Anime lovers. Let me explain this in detail.

This kinda people they actually watch few anime dubbed and few subbed. Yeah really , let me tell you something. I love watching anime like One Piece , Naruto , Fairy Tail , Fullmetal Alchemist and many more in subbed version. But I watched Death Note anime in dubbed version only also I liked it more than the subbed version itself. Yeah really , if you have not seen Death Note dubbed version , just give it a try , you will love it.

So speaking of anime , really there is no such rules that you have to watch only subbed or dubbed and stuffs like that. Just watch the way you love.

No more sub vs. dub fights !

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