Anime Addiction !?



Have you ever thought like you got more addicted towards anime? I’ve thought about this for a while. My brain says. “Yes, you are!”. But my heart’s not ready to acknowledge that as well.

Note: It’s an completely Off-Topic article.

Now let’s get to the point. Basically, I am a kind of guy with a lot of interests like blogging, designing, gaming, dancing, dreaming and much more. Recently I’ve started making manga fan arts as well. So, mostly I won’t get much time to watch anime. Still nowadays I manage my time, so that I can watch at least two episodes a day. You think that it’s too less, right? Also one of my friends who is also an author in Anime Zeno, he has been frequently asking me this question. “From where the hell did you get a heart that closes the browser after watching just two episodes?” He said that he barely manages to close the crunchyroll tab. He usually watches at least five to ten episodes a day, which is actually five times more than my daily routine. Can you get what I am trying to say? Okay, let me put this straight. Why the hell am I not an anime addict?

Actually speaking, you do not need to answer this question. But I’ve been asking this question for myself. Now allow me to say why I created this article. The absolute reason is that if you are also a person with the same question, just don’t think yourself that you are a weird guy or girl. Be happy, you are not alone.

Also honestly speaking, this article is not intended for any offensive purpose, so sharing your thoughts politely via comments is highly encouraged.

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