This anime is adapted from a seinen manga written and illustrated by Gamon Sakurai. The opening theme song is “Can You Sleep at Night?” (Yoru wa Nemureru kai?) by Flumpool, and the ending theme is “How close you are” by Mamoru Miyano, both seem good with all its visuals. The animation appears to be a little bit different from other anime. However, the screenplay is fine. The ending theme performed by Mamoru Miyano is the voice actor who portrays our hero.

The anime starts on a battlefield somewhere in Africa. A battle against humans and Ajins. Ajins, a new species who are immortal unlike other living beings in this world. They somehow managed to capture one such Ajin. Researchers and scientists all over the world are highly interested in knowing more about the new kind of species. So, research labs have been made all around the world. Ajins were captured and the research went on.

17 years have passed already since the origin of the Ajins. And there comes our hero Kei Nagai, a high school boy who wants to become a better human being. He studies very hard. He wanted to become a doctor. He was attending his class. That day’s topic was Ajins. It seems our hero is not very much interested in Ajins unlike others. His teacher mentioned that there are 2 Ajins in Japan. Most of the students in the class have an interest in Ajins. To be more accurate, they are highly interested in the reward for capturing an Ajin. There are two more characters as well. Our hero’s sister and their childhood friend, Kaito.



One day, Kei meets with an accident. He was hit by a truck. And that’s when his life became upside down. He just got to be aware of his true self. Not only him, the whole world. I rather not say anything more about this scene (spoilers). If you have guessed already, sorry for that. And that’s when things get more interesting.

The anime appears to be dark and intense. The story is definite. And the anime looks promising as well. The progression of the story might be about “how the dispute between the humans and Ajins ends?”, “who they really are?”, “where did they originate in?” and stuffs like that. However, this anime is a recommended one.

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