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Written by Haruichi Furudate
Published by Shueisha


Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka
Written by Taku Kishimoto
Music by

Asami Tachibana

Yuki Hayashi


Note: The following article contains spoilers. Hence read it at your own risk.

An exciting shounen volleyball anime. That’s how I want to begin this review.

The art section may not be par but for a fast movement based anime as this it really doesn’t matter. Detailing isn’t really the strong side of this fantastic anime. The opening tracks of both the seasons are wonderful. The sound tracks are fresh with no flaws whatsoever.

The dialogues are amazing. And of course no long complex dialogues. The character development is the biggest strength this anime has. For instance the protagonist Hinata Shoyo despite his odds in volleyball similar to his height he fights,he fights for his dream crazy and so is Kageyama, Hinata’s rival. All characters all lovable and certainly not detestable.

The screen play is simply amazing. The first episode itself is an example. The last jump by Hinata is an excellent scene which me got me off of  my seat. And to add more the match between Karasuno and Aoba Josei in the second season is the one of the best matches I’ve ever seen seen. It also has the same senpai-‘cliche’. I guess that’s inseparable from shounen!

The story: Hinata Shoyo, as a small boy watches a volleyball match on television when a short player from  Karasuno High School called “Little Giant” playing which made him want to play volleyball. But during his first and last match of junior high against ‎Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High he meets Kageyama Tobio and loses the match. Then he goes to the same school as the Little Giant and there he spots Kageyama. They become team mates and the rest of the story revolves around them wining and of course losing.

The plot is strong despite showing hint of another sports anime I know. The screen play overcomes all of these weaknesses and makes this anime a winner. But if they let Karasuno win against Shiratorizawa then Haikyuu! may lose its logic and of course credibility.

I loved the way Hinata fights despite his odds. The simple fact you won’t know unless you try hit me hard.And not to forget their motto ‘Fly!’

Zeno rating-3.5/5


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