A Naruto fanboy’s opinion about One Piece

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Now coming to the point, as you guys already know, it has always been a war between online Naruto and One Piece fans. Each claiming their favorite anime as the best. However, as an anime fan, I must admit, One Piece is awesome. I am a die hard Naruto fanboy. So, as per the rules, I never gave One Piece a try. Thanks to my friend, Jagathi (who is also an author here btw), I finally started watching One Piece. It’s been a month already and I’m in the Marinefold Arc. Shanks’ entrance was the last episode I saw. I still have 200 more episodes to go. However, I felt like writing an article regarding this stereotypical belief.

You know what, I’m a Naruto fan. But that’s okay, I’m an anime fan as well and that comes first. I enjoyed watching One Piece. It’s a different world. So guys, if you are a Naruto fan and if you have never given One Piece a try before, please listen to me.  Just go and watch the awesomeness already.

And one more thing, I would never compare them for sure. I just cannot handle the pain. My favorite anime is still Naruto. But that doesn’t mean it should be the best. Everybody has their own field of favorites and interests. So, I would never wanna compare these anime for sure. And I would most probably recommend you guys the same.


Naruto as an anime, it’s all about the rivalry between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. The characterisation in Naruto is one awesome thing, I must say. Characters like Jiraiya, Itachi Uchiha, Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, etc are more than perfect. Also, Naruto’s determination, Sasuke’s past, Itachi’s sacrifices, Jiraiya’s wisdom, the concept of passing the will of fire to the future and much more awesome stuff well packed is what makes Naruto an awesome anime.

One Piece

On the other hand, One Piece is all about friendship. You wanna kill my Namaka ?? First, you go through me! And that’s how One Piece is written. Also, the storyline and screenplay could never get any better. One of the best anime storylines ever, I must say. Also, the characterisation of Whitebeard, Shanks, Monkey D Luffy, Zoro and etc are splendid as well. So far, Marinefold Arc was the best! And Shank’s entrance — OMFG!!

And that’s it! I shared my whole point of view regarding this issue. So, I would like to conclude this article sending my thanks to both the authors — Eiichiro Oda Sensei and Masashi Kishimoto Sensei. You guys are the best!

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