07 – Ghost

07 – Ghost is a Japanese fantasy anime adapted from the manga written and illustrated by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara. In this fantasy world, magic is everything. The stronger you are, the more days you can survive.

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07 – Ghost

The screenplay of this anime starts with our protagonist, Teito Klein dreaming about something. Everything seems wage. He gets the same dream every night. However, he was unable to interpret what it means. It seems he doesn’t have his family memories with him. He has got nobody for him. However, he has one good friend named Mikage. They both were enrolling in the Military. They even took an oath that they would never abandon each other on the battlefield no matter what. Well, that’s a very good start for an anime, I would say.


Everything was going great and there came the villain, Ayanami. He is a military officer in a high position. Our hero meets Ayanami in his entrance exams for their Military physical fitness. However, in this fantasy world, physical fitness exam means making the students fight with a criminal with monstrous power. If they kill the criminal, they pass. If the criminal kills them, they fail. Oh boy, pretty rough world, I would say. Also, there was a scene where our hero and his friend will do a friendly duel. Our hero won that match. It seems Teito is some kinda blessed child. He was the one who killed the criminal and saved Mikage in the entrance exams as well. However, Mikage is pretty strong himself a student.

The next day, Teiko saw something in Ayanami’s room, a necklace. His dreams came back to him like a tsunami. It remembered everything. That necklace belonged to his father. Ayanami killed our hero’s father and took it from him. However, it seems, the necklace should have a stone in it which is missing. When Teiko saw everything, he couldn’t control himself from recklessly trying to attack Ayanami all by himself. However, Ayanami was too strong for Teiko. Teiko was caught and thrown into a dark cell. However, with the help of Mikage, he managed to get out of it and flew away. But Ayanami was not a kinda a guy who gives up that easily. It seems our hero took a direct hit from Ayanami’s magic. And he was falling. And with that the director concluded the first episode in an awesome way.

The anime feels like it’s dark and intense. I don’t think we can expect any kind of comedy since the screenplay is way too dark for that. The background music is pretty well done as well. By the way, till now I have no idea why they name this anime 07 – Ghost. Maybe, they will explain us later, I guess. So, if you are looking for a mysterious and intense fantasy anime with magic and stuffs, this one (07 – Ghost) is highly recommended.

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